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If you were seriously injured in a trucking accident, or a family member was killed in a collision involving a big rig or tractor trailer in the Westfield area you need to discuss the details and circumstances with an Westfield truck accident attorney with experience. has assembled a database of trucking injury lawyers who focus their practice on representing clients involved in serious & catastrophic injuries, or the families of those killed in semi truck accidents.

The attorneys and law firms represented on this page have shown the following qualifications and experience:

  1. All attorneys listed must have litigated a minimum of 5 motor vehicle accident cases to successful conclusion (settlement or verdict).
  2. Each attorney must be licensed and in good standing for at least 10 years.
  3. 100% of their practice must be personal injury, with a focus on motor vehicle collisions.

State of New Jersey Trucking Accident Attorneys

truck accidentIf you have been seriously injured in a trucking accident, or have a family member that was killed in a traffic accident involving a large commercial vehicle in the State of New Jersey, it is important to understand the legal options available. Following a trucking accident in New Jersey, speak to a qualified law firm who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

The is a database that has compiled a list of experienced trucking accident attorneys. The attorneys brought together by the network have focused their careers on representing victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries in the aftermath of a trucking accident. Additionally, these attorneys are also qualified in helping families who have lost a loved one as a result of an accident caused by a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle.

The law firms and attorneys represented on the demonstrate the following skills and experience:

  1. Every attorney listed in the must have litigated a minimum of five commercial truck accident cases to a successful conclusion, by means of a settlement or jury verdict.
  2. Every attorney listed in the network must be licensed and be in good standing for a period of at least 10 years.
  3. 100% of their respective legal practice must be in the field of personal injury law, with a strong focus on motor vehicle accidents.

State of New Jersey Commercial Trucking Accident Information & Statistics

At the center of trade, the State of New Jersey is a pioneer when it comes to providing transportation infrastructure vital to a developing economy. Aside from being one of the nation’s primary gateway for domestic freight movement, the State of New Jersey is also home to a gateway leading international commerce.

A part of a larger freight industry, large commercial vehicles play a pivotal role in the state’s thriving economy. Connecting warehousing centers and other terminals, large commercial vehicles have contributed to moving more than 75 percent of the 600 million tons of products and goods transported in the state each year.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation, or NJDOT, works to balance the needs of local communities and regular vehicle drivers with those of commercial vehicle operators. NJDOT has taken a proactive role in safety initiatives, as well as regulations that are applicable to the commercial trucking industry. As part of this initiative, the department collects and reports information based on traffic safety. NJDOT collects data and compiles accident statistics related to truck and bus accidents in the State of New Jersey.

Recent data collected by NJDOT demonstrate the following:

  • In 2018, there were a total of 278,413 traffic accidents throughout New Jersey’s public roadway systems.
  • In the same year, there were a total of 61,043 injuries caused as a result of traffic accidents in the state.
  • In 2018, there were a total of 524 fatalities resulting from traffic accidents in the State of New Jersey.

The trucking industry is highly regulated by both state and federal rules. Individuals who own or operate a large commercial vehicle in the State of New Jersey have an obligation to be familiar with driver licensing as it pertains to the commercial industry. Additionally, they will also need to abide by requirements imposed on commercial vehicle operations.

New Jersey Statute of Limitations on Civil Cases

Pursuing a personal injury claim in the State of New Jersey is limited to the state’s statute of limitations. Identified by N.J. Stat §2A:14-2, a plaintiff must file a personal injury claim within two years of the incident. A claim that has not been filed in the appropriate time frame will be subject to forfeiture.

Similarly, plaintiffs seeking to file a wrongful death claim for the passing of a loved one will have the same amount of time to file a case. A statute of limitations for civil cases can sometimes have certain exceptions and it is highly recommended to seek the legal support of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who understands the requirements needed to file a claim.

Obtaining Compensation Following a Commercial Vehicle Accident

While the trucking industry is heavily regulated, truck accidents occur regularly, and these can often result in serious or even fatal injuries. Large commercial vehicle accidents are inherently dangerous, as a result of the significant size and weight difference between these vehicles and regular passenger vehicles. Any person who is involved in a collision with a large commercial vehicle can expect serious or even fatal injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a large commercial vehicle, seeking the support of a qualified attorney listed in the can be beneficial. The support of a qualified attorney can help to secure the financial compensation needed to recover from the expenses associated with the accident.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Westfield, NJ

Harrell Smith & Williams LLC - Westfield, NJ

Even though we do everything possible to avoid it, accidents and tragedy occur without warning. At times, hardship cannot be faced alone. That is where HSW Law Firm – NJ Personal Injury Lawyers come in. When confronted with personal injury as a result of the negligence of others, Harrell, Smith and Williams offers the best representation to allow you to put your life back together. We each specialize in personal injury trials. We will help you from start to finish. We will guide you through the complex system of insurance coverage, disability, and recovery. Each of our attorneys has worked with larger firms and knows what it takes to prepare and try every type of case. Whether you were injured in a car crash, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, or a dog attack, we will not allow you to get lost in the system. Our personal injury attorneys will also represent you when you are injured as a result of negligence by a doctor. From brain injury to spinal cord injury, our attorneys have dealt with all aspects of injury throughout their careers.

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