Legal Consequences of Trucking License Fraud

Truck License Fraud

Truck drivers need to go through a detailed training and education program to obtain a commercial driving license (CDL). They have to go through a similar education program as drivers of big rigs.

A license is important since driving large trucks require a significant level of skill and practice. Drivers without sufficient practice and experience are more likely to cause serious truck accidents. That’s why every state has strict laws against truck drivers who don’t carry a commercial license.

Requirements to Obtain a Commercial Truck Driving License

Getting a truck driving license is no easy walk in the park. A driver who wants a CDL needs to take part in a rigorous training exercise. The driver also needs to pass tests to obtain the license.

The specific requirements to obtain a CDL differs in each state. Here are the general requirements for getting a commercial license to drive trucks.

  • Studying the manual of CDL

  • Passing a written exam to show knowledge about driving a truck

  • Getting a learning permit

  • Passing a driving test to get the CDL

An individual who wants to obtain a commercial truck driving license needs to be above 18 years old. The written test and driving test gauge the skill of the driver in handling commercial vehicles.

While most truck drivers get their license through proper channels, a number of truck drivers are known to rig the system in order to obtain the license.

Way of Committing Trucking License Fraud

Commercial drivers can commit license fraud in many ways. Here are some of the ways in which scrupulous truck try to get the license illegally.

Falsified Documents

Truck accident drivers might falsify the documents such as identification card and birth certificate. The drivers might show themselves as above the legal age limit for driving a truck or crossing states.

Bribing Officials

Some drivers may obtain a commercial license by bribing Department of Motor Vehicles. The drivers or their trucking company may get the officials to change their state in the computer record as having a license to drive commercial trucks.

Fraudulent Medical Certificate

Drivers may also obtain a driving license by submitting a fake medical certificate. The drivers may use a number of fraudulent techniques such as the common ‘doctor shopping’ where the driver searches for a doctor who will approve medical condition without a thorough evaluation of the actual condition.

Some fake medical practitioners also overlook medical issues in return money. The medical conditions could relate to diseases that prevent a driver from driving responsibly on the road. This poses a serious risk increasing the chances of fatal truck accidents.

Cheat to Pass Written Test

Truck drivers use many different ways to cheat during the test. Some of the ways they cheat during the test include using Bluetooth headsets hidden inside the ear. A third party near the exam center communicate the results during the test.

Fraudulent Instructors

A number of cases have been caught whereby the instructors were found giving fake commercial driving licenses to individuals. Some issue without even riding with the driver in exchange for money. Others ride a short distance to avoid any suspicion.

The license is given without finding out whether a driver knows how to react during a collision. The driver may not even have driven a truck previously and may not be ready for the road.

Falsification by Truck Driving School

Cases have also been caught whereby the driving institutes were guilty of making a deal with a testing agency to give false certification for students. In one particular case, nearly 623 students were falsely given certifications. When they were retested, only 142 were able to pass the test.

Dangers of Fraudulent Truck Licenses

The number of trucks on the roads has increased significantly over the past few years. Today there are thousands of interstate trucking companies in the US. There are about more than 3.5 million truck drivers.

While states have tightened laws and implemented strict penalties regarding fraudulent commercial licenses, but many slip through the cracks of the legal system. The reality is that there are still a lot of unskilled truck drivers with fraudulent CDLs. They pose a significant danger to everyone on the road.

The exact number of fraudulent truck drivers can probably be never known. But safety experts predict that there might be more than tens of thousands of commercial drunk drivers with bogus licenses.

A truck driver with a license obtained through duping the system is like a criminal at large. The drivers may not know how to react to dangerous road accidents.

Contact Professional Truck Accident Lawyer

Most truck drivers are law abiding citizens with valid driving license. However, there are some who defraud the system to get the license. Some trucking companies hire such scrupulous truck drivers to keep the costs down.

But you should not let them get away with a truck accident that led to a serious injury.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to contact a professional accident lawyer to file a claim. A truck accident attorney will carry out a thorough investigation to prepare evidence for your claim.

You should know your rights when it comes to truck accidents cases. Having a qualified truck accident attorney by your side will increase the chances of a successful court outcome. Experienced truck accident lawyers have years of experience in handling cases involving tankers, trailers, semi-trucks and large commercial trucks. They know about the fraud that some drivers involved in truck accidents commit to obtain licenses.

Licensing fraud entails strict penalties. The guilty party must pay a high price for the injuries caused to another due to negligence that led to a truck accident.

Getting the help of a qualified truck accident attorney will ensure that your rights are protected. You can rest assured of the likelihood of maximum possible payout when you hire a professional accident attorney to fight your case.