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Most people who are looking for a truck accident lawyer, have been significantly injured in a collision involving a semi-truck and need an attorney who’s highly experienced in these types of incidents. However, most attorneys who practice this niche area of law are personal injury attorneys who also “do” truck accidents. If you or your family member has been injured in a serious semi truck accident, and there were catastrophic injuries or death as a result, you need an attorney who has experience litigating against truck transportation companies and their highly specialized & experienced insurance defense lawyers. has curated attorneys in every state who have significant experience in trucking accidents and collisions.

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  • Trucks often weigh 20-30 times as much as passenger cars and are taller with greater ground clearance, which can result in smaller vehicles underriding (going under) trucks in crashes.
  • Loaded tractor-trailers take 20-40 percent farther than cars to stop, and the discrepancy is greater on wet and slippery roads or with poorly maintained brakes.
  • Truck driver fatigue also is a known crash risk. Drivers of large trucks are allowed by federal hours-of-service regulations to drive up to 11 hours at a stretch. Surveys indicate that many drivers violate the regulations and work longer than permitted.

An attorney can answer your questions quickly, and inform you of your legal rights and responsibilities after an accident.

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Each attorney listed on our website is manually vetted for experience in tractor trailer accident matters, and must meet our qualifications in order to be included as an option for you:

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All attorneys listed must have litigated a minimum of 5 truck accident cases to successful conclusion (settlement or verdict).

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Each attorney must be licensed and in good standing for at least 10 years.

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100% of their practice must be personal injury with a focus on motor vehicle collisions.

How Much Does a Truck Accident Lawsuit Cost?

Truck accident cases are taken on contingency, "no win, no fee", which means you pay nothing out of pocket if there is no financial recovery.


Depending on the severity of injuries, specifics of the incident, insurance and the trucking company, truck accident lawsuits can cost tens of thousands of dollars on the low end, to $100,000 or far more on the high end. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes activity that drives up the cost of litigation: depositions, travel, hiring experts, discovery & document review, etc.

However, nearly all truck accident attorneys take cases on contingency, which basically means you pay nothing if there’s no financial recovery. These expenses are essentially “advanced” to you from the law firm to cover the costs of litigation. Generally, proceeds from your case will pay these expenses and 33% – 40% of your recovery will go to pay for the law firm’s representation. Discuss your fee arrangement with the attorney you contact and make sure you understand the specifics, (allowable attorney fees & arrangements differ from state to state, do your research before making a decision).

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Don’t Answer Insurance Agent Questions, Don’t Say Anything on Social Media, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING!!!

After a truck accident, it’s imperative that you discuss the incident with an experienced attorney immediately afterward, or as soon as reasonably possible. Sometimes that may mean that you’re meeting with your lawyers in your hospital room or at home. The reason this is so critical is that the insurance company representing the trucker or their employer will immediately try to find a way to discredit you, or diminish the credibility of your claim if you decide to move forward with a lawsuit.

This may sound disheartening, but this is the reality of your situation now. If the police are involved, answer all of their questions with no more information than is necessary as the police report may be a key piece of evidence. A statement or answer that you think would make no difference in your case might be a key point for the defense – don’t make their job easier. After you’ve done your due diligence and have researched and retained an experienced truck accident lawyer, you can direct all questions to him/her.

Attorneys Get 40% More Recovery


An IRC study (“Paying for Auto Injuries”) reported that when an accident victim retained an attorney, they tended to get a 40% higher settlement than without.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations on filing a lawsuit for injuries sustained in a truck accident vary from state to state, but many states have a 2 year time frame. However, this can differ depending on the state the collision occurred in, when the injury was discovered (if not immediately), what caused the accident, and if a death was involved. This is based upon the “personal injury” statute in each state, that is, injuries and loss relating to a person specifically and not loss of property. Also, depending on the specific details of your matter, the statute that applies may be shorter than the personal injury statute.

Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee are the only states that have a 1 year statute of limitations on personal injury matters, every other state is 2 years or longer. However, as mentioned previously there are factors that may need to be considered to ensure that you don’t eclipse the time frame that applies to your unique case. It is critical that you seek counsel from our listed experienced truck accident lawyers to get your questions answered today.

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3.5 Times More Compensation with a Truck Accident Attorney

The Insurance Research Council reports that people who retained attorneys were paid 3.5x more than those who did not hire an attorney and that 85% of all the dollars that are paid out by insurance companies for bodily injury claims are paid to clients who have hired an attorney to represent them. (“Auto Injuries: Claiming Behavior and Its Impact on Insurance Costs”)